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Civil Services Aspirants are faced with many dilemma. The tremendous prestige of the examination has created an aura about the examination and given rise to many half – baked truths,which heighten the sense of awe. Here an attempt is being made to dispel certain popular “myths” by confronting them with the corresponding Buddha IAS Academy answers i.e.” realities”.

The Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is the best service to which one can be selected through the Civil Service Examination(CSE).Hence, one should only aim for the IAS and no other services?

The IAS is undoubtedly among the best service.However, there are other services, which are equally best and satisfying. Hence, it is necessary to have some idea of career opportunities in other services.

Why Government job is essential?

Government sector is undoubtedly has best job security among all of other private jobs and standardized venture.

Only highly intelligent students with an excellent academic record are successful in the IAS examination?

How does one measure intelligence? Can we call someone highly intelligent just because he/she scores 100% in Mathematics or Physics at the 10th class level? Or do we call a student who has consistently secured a first division intelligent?. The fact is , the notion of intelligence is susceptible to varied definitions.A survey conducted a few years back indicated that most of the successful students had secured only a second or third division in graduation. So while a high academic score is a definite asset, a second or third division in no way hits your chances. You may yet prove yourself.

In order to be successful in the Civil Services Examination an aspirant has to work for at least 16 Hrs a day ?

While people claim long hours of study, yet it is doubtful whether 16 hours of intensive study is humanly possible. Remember it is not the number of hours that is important but the work that you put in those hours is important. Each one of us has a “span of attention” and the preparation should be tailored accordingly. There is no need to obsessed with the number of hours. In short , quality of hours is important rather quantity of hours.

An aspirant has to have a deep insight into the optional in which he is appearing at?

Experience of successful candidates has disproved this largely accepted fact. Aspirants who have not had adequate time to grasp the nuances of the subject have also scored high. Perhaps this is because of good writing skills and proper approach to the subject. The trend of scores in the previous examination indicates that the UPSC expects a general level of knowledge rather than a scholarly attitude.

Will it cost more to study?

No, certainly not at all, We offer an one time registration in our academy so that you are eligible to study until you clear your level of examination that you appear for (UPSC, TNPSC, Group-I) Inclusive.

Do we need to do any scrutiny on it?

No, certainly not at all, We will succour you to be edified in all aspect for the level of examination that you are going to appear on.

Why to join with us?

We constraint to only 30 aspirants in a batch. We make individual deliberation to each and every postulant , Once if you missed your class our pedagogue will assist you with retaking that missed class once again with special heed and also we provide you the precised study materials to aid you in, to accomplish your desire. .